Artist Story

Originally posted on Monday, October 22, 2012

I've recently begun posting art on and on a new facebook page

For the fine art america site I typed up a new bio page, thought to repost it here.

My artistic and creative expression began showing at a young age. Drawing stick figures, making cardboard robots, mud cities for matchbox cars, building elaborate bases for my Star Wars figures, and of course Legos. Typical kid stuff. During one year of grade school I spent the majority of my time, sketching characters and story boarding an animation of the Chronicles of Narnia, which I never actually made. During my time at John F Kennedy Junior High in Eugene, Oregon, I took every possible art and shop class I could, sometimes twice. These classes were the only time in the dreaded junior high years that I felt comfortable, in who I am and in my surroundings. Then came high school. High school was only about getting into a college then a good paying career. I was encouraged to put aside my drawings in favor of science classes. When I entered the University of Oregon as a biology major my path towards med-school seemed unquestionable. When I had to drop the final term of organic chemistry I needed to find something to take up the time. Not really sure why I chose that drawing class, but it changed everything. It reignited my love for arts. By the next school year I was signed up as an art major and had an application in for the interior architecture program. I began to actually enjoy college in my new course of study. I began painting acrylics on canvas and sculpting in soapstone. After graduation I moved to Seattle, Washington and did the artist thing. I worked in the morning as a barista then came home and painted. I did this for a year before I got my first job in an architecture firm. I've continued to work for architects while also working on my art. I have participated in both group and solo shows at Seattle's Gallery 110, where I was briefly a resident artist, and have also participated in various neighborhood art walks.