Originally published on Monday, June 18, 201

Mixed Media

My friend Dan's mum had this thing about never throwing anything out since it someday it might be useful for some art project at some time.  This sculpture is a fine example of her philosophy at work. The hand is my own that I had cast several years ago. It was intended for another sculpture which I haven't finished yet. The grip wasn't correct for what I wanted it for so I slopped some paint on it and shelved it.  Over time it sat, sometimes being used to hold toilet paper rolls. One day I was looking at some this resin pour that didn't turn out the way I wanted. I combined the resin with the hand then began sculpting the "bursting water" which is another set of resin castings.

There were a few times, especially during moves, that I've been tempted to throw things out that just didn't seem to work out the way I wanted, but then find these things useful eventually. The moral is just because things don't turn out the way you want it exactly doesn't mean it's useless. It might just take time to figure things out.